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    cheap Apple Mac for sale...


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    cheap Apple Mac for sale...  Empty cheap Apple Mac for sale...

    Post  OcaToro on Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:16 pm

    nothing wrong with it, just need the cash as moving and starting new job so money is more useful at the minute

    its been a fantastic machine in the short time Ive had it

    Apple PowerMac G4 MDD
    dual 1.42ghz processors
    2gb RAM
    120gb hard drive

    upgraded with
    wifi card
    4 extra usb slots (6 in total)
    built in speaker

    15 inch lcd monitor with built in speakers
    genuine apple pro mouse and keyboard (keyboard has another 2 usb ports in)

    loaded with licensed copy of photoshop CS4 extended edition
    OpenOffice suite (word, exel, powerpoint etc), skype, firefox all the usual stuff, itunes etc

    £200 ono christmas bargain mac

    would prefer it be collected due to weight, but can come to some arrangement for postage if necessary due to being located in west wales.

    cheap Apple Mac for sale...  379422_10150459676410795_515910794_10759051_2023674202_n

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