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    FAO All Members - Please Read Empty FAO All Members - Please Read

    Post  Izzeh on Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:49 am

    As most of you are aware there was a topic up recently regarding BHC, and as you have probably noticed it's been moved. This is because of the way the topic was going; "Us" vs "Them". It's not what we want, all of us are old enough to be past the whole "we're better than you" stage, we don't want a "turf war", if members want to be active on both sites thats fine, if you dont want to be an active member on one of the sites thats also fine but you dont have to kick up a fuss about it, just dont use the site.

    If members of either site want to attend shows/meets/events with either of the sites then thats not a problem, you might want to go to something we may attend that BHC dont; so you come with us and vice versa, BHC could be attending something we're not, so you go with them.. There is nothing wrong with that! It actually makes perfect sense.

    A few members may be aware of what happned a few years ago with two wirral based sites and look how that turned out.. we dont want that to happen again. All of us have made great friends through BHC so we owe it that much, and loosing those friends because "they are with the other site" is pathetic.

    So as of now, absolutly NO GRIEVANCES are to be aired on this site, any problems you have go and tell the person directly not through a screen via a forum. If you have a problem with a member just ignore them, you dont HAVE to reply to anything they post.

    Like i said, we all just want whats best for our sites, we hope all members can understand this and agree with it.

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